Online Reputation Management

Your online reputation is how others see you when they look for you online.

Google yourself. What do you see? Are you represented fairly?
Everyone has an online reputation. The only question is do you have a say in yours?

ORM Services Help in building brand, creating a better connection with your customer, and creating an impactful online reputation for your Business. we are not only help in marketing online reputation but we also maintain a good brand reputation. MCS is a leading digital marketing company which provide 360-degree digital promotion solutions.It helps to manage the activities of your company. They perpetually try and satisfy your customers by putting the simplest data forward on your web site.The purpose of online reputation management is to create balance, counteract misleading trends, and allow you to put your best foot forward.
In today's age of social media, a reputation can be lost or made in mere minutes.In today's age of social media, a reputation can be lost or made in mere minutes. We can help you in Improve Reviews & Ratings, Strengthen Online Brand and Reputation Repair.

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Our Online Reputation Management Process

Your reputation is damaged when there is a mismatch between the buzz and the reality. That’s why we prepare a transparent ORM campaign that ensures success of your organization, brand, product or service. Our ORM process consists of five stages including:

  • Researching and analyzing your current status by SORT Analysis
  • Developing a customized ORM plan
  • Creating content, PR, social media & SEO strategy
  • Publishing & promoting positive content
  • Monitoring ORM campaign

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Below are estimated times, each campaign is different.

    Removal of negative articles or blog posts

    Duration: 1-8 weeks:

    If the problem you are having is with negative content, and that content can be removed at the source, it can take as little as one week, or as long as a few months to remove a web page. Factors affecting duration include whether we have a relationship with the site, can contact the publisher, and if the publisher agrees to removal.

    Removal of negative or inaccurate online reviews

    Duration: 1-2 weeks

    Reviews that violate the Terms of Service (TOS) of the review platform can often be removed in a few days or weeks depending on the responsiveness of the platform. Reviews that do not violate the TOS can usually only be removed by the individual that posted the review. Sometimes that individual can be convinced to update or remove a negative review.

    Reputation repair (push good up / bad down)

    Duration: Early results: 8 weeks. Completion: 6-10 months.

    Reputation repair (excluding removals) that involves pushing negative content down and positive content up takes about two months to begin working in most cases. The average reputation repair campaign takes six to ten months for satisfactory results. There is usually no long-term commitment (maintenance agreement) needed.

  • Representative / Branded Content

    Reputation X will create and submit for approval any "representative" content. Representative content is content apparently created by you and that represents you. Examples of this include blog posts on your site and social media messaging; content like articles that are interviews of you or people in your company; articles specifically written about your brand but posted on third-party sites: these are "representative" (we also call it "branded content") and normally require your approval before posting.

    Non-representative / Non-branded Content

    Non-representative (non-branded) content is different. Any content that is created by third-parties such as bloggers or journalists, and that is not specifically representative of your brand, does not normally require approval.

    Why is third-party content different? Two reasons:

    A).We don't have as much control over what third-party publishers post. For example, if we find a journalist who will be writing a piece about your industry, and we ask them to include you, we do not control that content - the journalist and publication do. Therefore we do not get to pre-approve the content. The same is true most of the time for bloggers and other third-party content creators.

    B). Even if we were able to provide approval of all third-party content (we are not) the amount of content might be overwhelming. Non-representative / non-branded content is very important though because it provides significant SEO value through mentions of your brand and links. It's a natural and organic aspect of the internet.

  • A true reputation improvement campaign requires the following minimum resources:

    • Brand Reputation Strategist
    • Project Manager
    • SEO expert
    • A Content Manager / Writer
    • Researcher and an Outreach person
    • Web Developer
    • Various software platforms
  • There are many different techniques used to improve reputation. The mix used will depend on your strategy. They include:

    • Removal of negative content
    • Review improvement
    • Wikipedia page development
    • Content design and development
    • Influencer publications
    • Web development
    • Knowledge panel development
    • Profile development
    • Search engine optimization
  • We’ll research your brand and the information environment in which it lives online.

    We’ll also look at similar entities to understand what behind-the-scenes attributes are working, as well as why both people and search engines respond well. The most beneficial findings are emulated in the project.

    Then, with a full understanding, we will create a custom strategy, share it, and discuss it with you before execution.

  • Removing content from the internet

    Removal is considered on a case-by-case basis. Some sites allow removal of content, while others, such as government sites and news sites, do not.

    When possible, we attempt to remove content at the source. We only do this with your permission.


    A tactic sometimes used by reputation management consultants is negotiation. Publishers or third-party content creators are contacted, asked to sign a non-disclosure agreement, then negotiations begin for the removal of certain content.

    Content creation

    Google’s mission reads ‘to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.’

    Reputation X works with Google and other online information environments, not against them. That means we will create accessible and useful content as part of your campaign.

  • When Reputation X designs a campaign we often suggest certain technical changes to sites you already control.

    Changes are usually not noticeable by visitors, but can change the way your brand is shown online. These changes can help the main website, and also third-party content that represents the brand in a positive way.

    Examples of web development include:

    • HTML improvements
    • Schema (structured data)
    • Content
    • Information architecture